Recording available: Presentation of the courses of the second semester: February 11st at 14:30

Dear first-year students,
you are all invited to a telematic meeting on Friday, February 11st at 14:30, devoted to introducing the  courses of the second semester.

The recording of the meeting is available here.

(Passcode: 5+$3ICgp)


14:30 Astronomical Interferometry
14:35 Astronomical Spectroscopy
14:40 Astroparticle Physics
14:45 Astrophysics of Galaxies (Caratterizzante Curr. B)

Student questions

15:00 Celestial Mechanics
15: 05 Galactic Dynamics
15:10 Gravitational Physics
15:15 Multimessenger Astrophysics

Student questions

15:30 Nuclear Astrophysics
15:35 Observational Cosmology (Caratterizzante Curr. B)
15:40 Planetary Astrophysics
15:45 Radiative Processes in Astrophysics (Caratterizzante Curr. A)

Student questions

16:00 Stellar Astrophysics (Caratterizzante Curr. B)
16:05 Subnuclear Physics
16:10 Theoretical Cosmology (Caratterizzante Curr. A)
16:15 Theoretical Physics (Caratterizzante Curr. A)

Student questions

The zoom link is: <>