Master Thesis in Astrophysics and Cosmology

The Master thesis consists in a written essay (in English) which must contain original contributions in a research field chosen by the student among those suggested by researchers at the Department of Physics and Astronomy or at affiliated research institutions.

A list of proposed research lines and related supervisors is provided in our Research Thesis Notice Board (recurrently updated).

The thesis research activity will be  carried out over a period of not less than 6 months (42 CFU-ECTS, thesis internship), which must be formally activated by filling in this form

Pay attention that:

- The unipd institutional email must be entered and not the private one;
- All information must be carefully agreed in advance with the supervisor, before submitting the form!

Once submitted, all data will be recorded and automatically sent by email to three recipients: applicant student, supervisor, secretariat of the Master's course.

Once you complete and submit the google form with the basic information about your graduation for the first time (available at the link),
you are required to update the data in the same form every time a change occurs. You can modify the form whenever it is necessary.

In particular, pay attention to update the submitted form with  the correct information about

-- the expected graduation date (the available dates can be found here);
-- the title of the thesis;
-- the names of the possible co-supervisors.

Then in order to graduate, it is necessary also to register on Uniweb: FINAL EXAMINATION