The schedule of the first semester  has been published on "Portale Studenti dell'Universit√† degli Studi di Padova" (lectures from 28/02/2022  to 10/06/2022).

We recommend to check the schedule week by week since the timetable of some courses, beginning later than 28/02/2022 might be modified after the first few weeks.

Class timetable

From the drop-down menus you have to select
Scuola ---> Scuola di Scienze
Corso di Studio ---> SC2490 - ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY
Anno di Studio ---> 1 year or 2 year and your selected curriculum
Settimana ---> select the week of interest from the calendar
(the lessons are repeated periodically on a weekly basis, but if there are any variations, e.g. cancellation of a lesson, they are also reported here).

For first year students: First semester lessons have a direct link here