Start of the academic year 2021/22: provision of teaching activities and classroom access requirements


Dear students,

as you probably have already known from the newspapers, the University of Padua has decided to use all the possibilities offered by the Law Decree 111 dated August 6th, 2021 to allow students to attend lessons in presence.
All students who wish to do so, can follow the lessons in person, if they have a green pass.
The social distancing obligation has been removed even if obviously the obligation to wear the mask remains.
However, dual synchronous teaching will be guaranteed, but I believe, and your protests during last year are proof of it, that nothing can replace the personal interaction among students and between students and teachers.

At this point, to create an almost normal situation you need to get vaccinated as soon as possible, if you have not yet done so. Green pass in itself does not imply vaccination, it can also be obtained by carrying out continuous molecular tests proving the non-positivity, but all the scientific data show that only with the vaccine we can live with the virus.
Medical colleagues continually testify that intensive care units are now occupied only by unvaccinated people.

I am sure that people like you, people who have chosen this difficult path of study, know how to discern the correct approach to this emergency.

A warm greeting

Flavio Seno
Director of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

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