Start of the first-semester lectures (updated on September 25, 2020)

Dear Students,

we are glad to inform you that our Master's degree course in Astrophysics and Cosmology returns to offering you in-class lectures, beginning regularly on 28/09/2020.

The complete timetable is now available through the university website.

You are invited to check the class schedule available at:

In the box of each course you may find the corresponding  zoom ID to access the online lecture (in update).

To download and access ZOOM, connect to this link:

Given the effective reduced capacity of the classrooms (due to the Covid-19 emergency), attendance shifts may be necessary for courses with higher participation; we foresee three shifts per course at maximum. This means that students will be allowed to attend in-class lectures at least one week every three, whereas online lectures will be followed remotely the other weeks.

To arrange the attendance shifts and provide you with the rules to access the classrooms and other safety standards, during the first week  (from 28/09 to 02/10) lectures will take place online only, for all courses. From the second week (05/10), in-class lectures will start according to the shift schedule.

Please let us know your attendance preference as soon as possible by filling the online form:

students of the 1st year: form

students of the 2nd year: form

There will always be the possibility of remote attendance for those students who could not come to Padova for whatever reason.

We invite you to access frequently the official communication channels for important updates:

the university website, the department website and its social media, the Master's course website, and the Moodle platform of the courses where notices and updates will be posted by the professors themselves.

These emergency times are difficult to all of us. From our side we are doing our best to start the new academic year in total safety and with the best teaching set-up. We are confident that, after an initial unavoidable run-in, in-class lectures will be a great opportunity appreciated by you all.

See you soon in class!

The coordinators of the Master's Course in Astrophysics and Cosmology
Prof. Paola Marigo and Prof. Roberto Turolla