Entry requirements

Admission to the Master's degree programme requires a few criteria are met, namely: good knowledge of classical physics and basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and statistics; mastery of the main mathematical tools (mathematical analysis and geometry);  experience in physics laboratory.
Entry requirements are quantified as follows:
24 ECTS acquired in the physics area (SSD FIS/01-07)
24 ECTS acquired in the math area (SSD MAT/01-09)
For candidates with a foreign degree, the academic requirements are verified by an admission committee that checks the congruence of bachelor studies and assesses the merit. The evaluation of the applicant's curriculum studiorum  may be integrated by an interview (remote connection), if needed.


A.A. 2023/2024


-Call for international applications Master's degree programme in Astrophysics and Cosmology

If you have been awarded an INTERNATIONAL Bachelor’s degree you can apply online here:

Application deadline

Deadline for the first call: 2nd February 2023

Second call: 2nd March - 2nd  May 2023

ONLY EU and equated students: 2nd June - 2nd August 2023

For information:


-Call for candidates with degree obtained in Italy

If you have been awarded an ITALIAN Bachelor’s degree you must follow the instructions of the Call for the application